New Directions in the Anthropology
of Religion and Gender:
Faith and Emergent Masculinities


INTRODUCTION by William Dawley & Brendan Jamal Thornton

Marcia C. Inhorn  |  Islam, Sex, and Sin: IVF Ethnography as Muslim Men’s Confessional

Arsalan Khan  |  Pious Masculinity, Ethical Reflexivity, and Moral Order in an Islamic Piety Movement in Pakistan

William Dawley  |  From Wrestling with Monsters to Wrestling with God: Masculinities, “Spirituality,” and the Group-ization of Religious Life in Northern Costa Rica

Brendan Jamal Thornton  |  Victims of Illicit Desire: Pentecostal Men of God and the Specter of Sexual Temptation


Judith Temkin Irvine & Liz Gunner |  With Respect to Zulu: Revisiting ukuHlonipha

Bernardo Brown  |  Unlikely Cosmopolitans: An Ethnographic Reflection on Migration and Belonging in Sri Lanka

Derek Sheridan  | “If You Greet Them, They ignore You”: Chinese Migrants, (Refused) Greetings and the Inter-personal Ethics of Global Inequality in Tanzania

Jane Anderson  |  Negotiating Who “Owns” Penobscot Culture?

Andrew Alan Johnson  |  Deferral and Intimacy: Long-distance Romance and Thai Migrants Abroad

Lynn Stephen  |  Gendered Violence and Indigenous Mexican Asylum Seekers: Expert Witnessing as Ethnographic Engagement

Marie Larsson  |  “I Don’t Make Coffee for My Husband in the Morning”: Gender and Precarious Life among Home-Based Workers in the Philippines


Paul Stoller | Slowing Down on the Path to Knowledge

Scott Ross | Violence, Intervention, and the State in Central Africa


Zainab Saleh  |  Madeline Otis Campbell’s Interpreters of Occupation: Gender and the Politics of Belonging in an Iraqi Refugee Network

Anand Vaidya  |  Llerena Guiu Searle’s Landscapes of Accumulation: Real Estate and the Neoliberal Imagination in Contemporary India

Shweta Krishnan  |  Kirin Narayan’s Everyday Creativity: Singing Goddesses in the Himalayan Foothills

Kimberly Theidon  |  Sally Engle Merry’s The Seductions of Quantification: Measuring Human Rights, Gender Violence, and Sex Trafficking

Narges Bajoghli  |  Orkideh Behrouzan’s Prozak Diaries: Psychiatry and Generational Memory in Iran

Heath Cabot  |  Michael Agier’s Borderlands: Towards an Anthropology of the Cosmopolitan Condition

Savannah Shange  |  Damien M. Sojoyner’s First Strike: Educational Enclosuresin Black Los Angeles

Kristen Drybread  |  Didier Fassin’s Prison Worlds: An Ethnography of the Carceral Condition

Andrea Muehlebach  |  Elizabeth Povinell’s Geontologies: A Requiem to Late Liberalism