Global Public Health

Global Public Health - JournalGlobal Public Health is an essential peer-reviewed journal that energetically engages with key public health issues that have come to the fore in the global environment — mounting inequalities between rich and poor; the globalization of trade; new patterns of travel and migration; epidemics of newly-emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases; the HIV/AIDS pandemic; the increase in chronic illnesses; escalating pressure on public health infrastructures around the world; and the growing range and scale of conflict situations, terrorist threats, environmental pressures, natural and human-made disasters.

Directed and supported by a leading international board of experts, the journal is broad-based and wide-ranging, including work that draws on the environmental health sciences; epidemiology; health policy and management; and the social sciences as applied to public health and medicine. It is characterized, and distinguished from other journals currently available in the field by its:

  • global and multidisciplinary focus;
  • emphasis on significant global health issues, including their social and cultural dimensions as appropriate;
  • concern to understand resource-poor and resource-rich countries, and the public health challenges they face, as part of a single, interacting, global system.

Richard G. Parker, Editor-in-Chief

Marcia C. Inhorn, Associate Editor, 2004 – present.



The journal aims to become the lead environment internationally for the publication of papers adopting a global focus with respect to:

  • Social patterning of health, including social exclusion, health disparities and inequalities [Associate Editor: Christina Zarowsky – International Development Research Centre, Canada]
  • Environmental health sciences, including natural catastrophes, disasters, famine, pollution, ecotoxicology and environmental threats [Associate Editor: Paul Wilkinson – London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK]
  • Population and health, including sexual and reproductive health, mental health, indigenous health and the health of minorities [Associate Editor: Marcia Inhorn – University of Michigan, USA]
  • Conflict and health, including torture, war, terrorism, civil disturbance and the health of displaced populations [Associate Editor: Ron Waldman – Columbia University, USA]
  • International health policy and practice, including social justice, human rights and health; together with the role of international agencies, governments and civil society [Associate Editor: Sofia Gruskin – Harvard University, USA]
  • Global health and development, including the health effects of major economic development trends and the impact of globalization on health outcomes [Associate Editor: Anthony Zwi – University of New South Wales, Australia]