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THE ASSOCIATION FOR MIDDLE EAST WOMEN’S STUDIES is an organization of scholars and individuals with an interest in women and gender studies in the context of the Middle East/ North Africa and beyond, including transnational and diasporic communities in Europe as well as North and South America. AMEWS is affiliated with the Middle East Studies Association of North America, Inc. and works with academic networks around the world. Membership in AMEWS is open to anyone with an interest in Middle East/Muslim women and gender studies.

AMEWS was founded in 1985 by scholars interested in promoting quality research on women in the Middle East. AMEWS organizes conference panels and workshops and has co-sponsored symposia and an e-conference. Through its Committee on Human Rights, AMEWS focuses attention on issues that impact women and scholars of Middle East and Islamic studies. Its triennial publication, The Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies (JMEWS), published by Indiana University Press, advances the fields of women’s and gender studies through contributions across disciplines in the social sciences, humanities and other fields.

Located at the cutting edge of the new scholarship in Middle East women’s and gender studies, JMEWS encourages research that is theoretically, epistemologically, and methodologically innovative. It publishes research informed by transnational feminist studies, cultural studies, historical studies, new forms of ethnography, and the emergent intersections of science and philosophy. JMEWS provides a forum for discussion and debate for authors from the global north and south, through scholarly articles, book and film reviews, conferences, symposia, and talks by Distinguished Lecturers.

Marcia C. Inhorn, Founding Editor, JMEWS (Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies), Indiana University Press and Association of Middle East Women’s Studies, Middle East Studies Association, 2004-2006; Editorial Board, 2006-present; Editor, 2010-14.

Program Committee

Azza Basarudin, University of California Los Angeles (Committee Chair)
Nadje Al-Ali, SOAS
Nada Elia, Antioch University
Connie Lamb, Brigham Young University
Jennifer Olmstead, Drew University
Deborah Al-Najar, University of Southern California
Amaney Jamal, Princeton University
Zeina Zaatari, Global Fund for Women

Graduate Student Committee

Angie Abdelmonem, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Alexandra Jerome, College of William and Mary

Committee for Human Rights and Academic Freedom

Sondra Hale, University of California Los Angeles (Committee Chair)
Rita Stephan, University of Texas at Austin
Margot Badran, Georgetown University
Elise Young, Westfield State College
Alexandra Jerome, College of William and Mary
Aseel Sawalha, Pace University
Mary Ann Fay, Morgan State University
Shiva Shahriari
Rebecca Steinfeld, University of Oxford

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