Dear Dr. Inhorn,

It is my pleasure to inform you that you have been chose to receive the Medical Anthropology Student Association (MASA) 2013 Graduate Student Mentor Award. Of all of the awards supported by the Society for Medical Anthropology, the Mentor Award represents the qualities that students hold most valuable in the way of support and mentorship by recognizing individuals who have diligently met those needs for their own students. Your commitment to mentorship, and the fruitful results that your students have experienced, is clearly conveyed in the multitude of nomination letters we received on your behalf.


Mary Rebecca Read-Wahidi
Doctoral Candidate
Biocultural Medical Anthropology
University of Alabama
Chair, Medical Anthropology Student Association
Student Representative, Society for Medical Anthropology

This award recognizes excellence in graduate student mentorship, and is aimed at senior or mid-career scholars who have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to teaching and mentorship throughout their careers, particularly those who have taken the time to successfully guide their MA and PhD students through field work and the thesis or dissertation writing process. Previous recipients of the MASA Graduate Student Mentor Award are Peter Brown (2012), Frances Barg (2011), Mary-Jo DelVecchio-Good and Byron J. Good (2010), Carole Browner (2009), Joe Dumit (2008), Lenore Manderson (2007) and Mac Marshall (2006).