Middle East Studies Association Annual Meeting
December 1-4, 2011
Marriott Wardman Park
Washington, DC


At its annual meeting, the Executive Board of the Middle East Studies Association discussed the importance of engaging the new trajectories in the Anthropology of the Middle East. MESA President Suad Joseph and MESA Board Member Marcia Inhorn invite Anthropologists to submit panels as part of a conference theme on “Anthropology of the Middle East: A New Millennium,” to be held at the December 2011 MESA annual meeting. In the past several decades, Anthropologists have charted a myriad of theoretical pathways for the study of the Middle East. They have offered new methodologies, entered new sites of research, experimented with new approaches to writing, and refigured theoretical paradigms. Thematically the horizons of Anthropological research have stretched from literature, music, and poetry; to reproductive technologies; to gender, sexualities, masculinities, femiminities; war, violence, and militarism; urban space; migrations and forced migrations; nationalisms, transnationalisms, and diasporic communities; tourism; new religious studies; new studies of pastoralism; revisioned studies of families and youth; law, justice, and human rights; markets, consumption, and the circulation of peoples and productions; media, visual production, and global social networks. These and other thematics have richly launched anthropological research into the new millennium. This call is to invite Anthropologists to submit panels on thematics of their choosing, or submit papers for panels being organized specifically on this theme. The deadline for paper or panel submission is Friday, February 11. Papers and panels must be submitted through the normal MESA review process.  See http://mesa.arizona.edu/annual/member_calls.html for further details.